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If you’re looking to achieve proven results in your business, just like our past and present clients below will verify, then you’ve come to the right place to obtain all the help you desire.

Accordingly, we understand that you have a lot of choice when it comes to selecting an industry professional to assist you in growing your business. As a result, we are confident if you take the time to read and watch some of the reviews below, that they will give you the confidence you require to move forward in engaging our services.

We very much look forward to the opportunity of assisting you!

“Darren, thank you for the training and personal coaching that you have given to our team this year.

Your advice on the continued need for old fashioned personal service and personal contact, but then aligning that with the use of modern technology to win and retain clients was certainly valuable.

You have a down to earth approach and your industry experience allows you to put your training into a practical format that everyone can relate to.”

“I’ve known Darren for a little over 5 years now and have used his Coaching services on and off over this period of time.  Darren is personable, friendly, always willing to help and has a tremendous knowledge of our industry which he’s always eager to share and impart with his clients.

Accountability and direction are two of the most important benefits I’ve personally received and experienced whilst being coached by Darren, not to mention the growth in my business as an Agent and selling Principal, and also my own personal development, both of which have been very apparent.

No matter whether you’re an Agent looking to sell more, or a Principal managing a business, I’ve no doubt Darren will be a very valuable resource to have as part of your arsenal of weapons for success in Real Estate.”

“Since I joined Real Estate Coaching Hub as a Coaching Client I feel confident in moving forward and focusing on the growth of my business, something that I struggled with in the past.

Your support, knowledge and most of all your excellent advice allows me to push boundaries and take calculated risks, I am confident with you by my side I can achieve things in the future that I used to believe were impossible.

The training you have provided to my team was incredibly valuable and feedback from the training day was extremely positive from all members of both my Property Management and Sales teams.

Thank you for everything Darren, you are an exceptional Coach and I feel fortunate to call myself your client.”

“Darren’s professionalism aligned with my expectations for our company conference, his follow-up has ensured results and I will be delighted to have him back again to ensure our companies growth and strength for the future.

I had to ask why do I/we need coaching – As an owner of a business, naturally I think about cost – Darren’s coaching is now 6 months on and will forever be a priceless investment in the most important asset my business has, our people!”

“It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Darren M. Giles.

Darren brings with him leadership, enthusiasm and a controlled manner which agents in the office found to be comforting.

Upon engaging Darren at my office, I immediately saw the impact of having such a successful person working within my organisation!”

“As a result of a strong recommendation and referral, Darren joined our business as a highly experienced Coach, Trainer and Consultant in early 2016 to help bring some structure and direction to our business which had grown organically up until that point.

As a Coach, Darren sat down with every agent in our office and quickly established what they needed on an individual basis and then tailored the coaching to meet their needs. From experienced agents to beginners Darren helped them find direction by establishing performance expectations and plans. The results were clearly measurable and almost immediate.

Within my own business as a Consultant, Darren helped to stream-line our systems and processes and made us more efficient and profitable. Evaluating parts of our business that were not operating effectively and cut our total spending and overheads. With the savings identified, it allowed us to expand and take on additional office space without seeing any increase to our bottom-line expenditure.

Darren has a wealth of knowledge and experience built up over 25 years and has incredible insights into the real estate industry.  I would highly recommend Darren if you are wanting to improve your business and get it on track to be the best it possibly can be.”

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