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New Real Estate Agents

Discover how easy it is for New Real Estate Agents to fast-track their sales career, with our tried and proven program.

SalesBreakthrough will assist you to Out-List, Out-Sell, Out-Earn your competitors and dominate your marketplace in a fraction of the time you could learn do it yourself, by teaching you the foundational pillars to success.

When you join Real Estate Coaching Hub’s signature, low cost, high value coaching program you’ll get all the help you need to stand-out in the marketplace and be every homeowners Agent of choice. We’ll provide you with all the tips, tools, templates, strategies, plans, scripts and dialogues you’ll ever need, to not just fast-track your career but skyrocket your sales success in next to no time.

As a New Real Estate Agent joining SalesBreakthrough we know the pain points you’ll experience along your journey and we’ll help you to avoid these, where possible. We’re confident that just like the hundreds of Agents who’ve experienced our training in the past, that you’ll find SalesBreakthrough to be the best 12 month ‘Sales Acceleration’ program ever.

Whilst you’re here, we challenge you to take the Real Estate Sales Quiz just below. It should only take you a few minutes to complete. And when you’re ready, just hit the SalesBreakthrough link also below, to join our industry leading program, delivered by our very own Darren M. Giles, an Award-Winning Coach and Highly Awarded Agent.

Well…what are you waiting for? Hit the button below and join today!

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