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If you’re looking to achieve proven results in your business, just like our past and present clients below will verify, then you’ve come to the right place to obtain all the help you desire.

Accordingly, we understand that you have a lot of choice when it comes to selecting an industry professional to assist you in growing your business. As a result, we are confident if you take the time to read and watch some of the reviews below, that they will give you the confidence you require to move forward in engaging our services.

We very much look forward to the opportunity of assisting you!

“I would strongly recommend Darren’s services to anyone looking to take themselves to that next level. His expertise in our industry is outstanding, as is his willingness to do what it takes to get you to your goals. The one thing I admire the most about Darren's coaching is Darren’s honesty, it’s refreshing and to the point and is missing more often than not in today’s world!”

“With his background in real estate, Darren's suggestions and assistance were invaluable.”

“I found him at all times most professional, motivated and BIG on client service and I would thoroughly recommend him to potential clients.”

“Darren's Coaching style is clear and precise, cutting through waffle to get to what really works for listing and selling Real Estate!”

“Thank you for your recent coaching session. It was refreshing to have someone in with a calm demeanour that isn't there for a quick motivational boost but rather leaving a lasting impression. Dan & I are growing at a pace that we are starting to lose control of the business and you were able to slow things down for us and put things back in perspective.”

“I contracted Darren Giles as my personal Real Estate Coach. Darren offers individual personalised targeted Coaching focusing on my strengths, areas for further development and life skills.

Darren’s ongoing 24/7 availability gives me reassurance as I embark on my professional career as a Real Estate Consultant. My success to date (listing and selling 9 properties in 15 weeks) is in no small part due to his encouragement and recognition of my natural marketing and selling strengths – an area he continues to critique, thus enabling me to further focus on my continued development within the real estate arena. Thank you Coach.”

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